5 places to find work from home jobs in Australia

1) Seek – Simply type “work from home” in the search box. I found almost 4,000 advertised job that let people work remotely.
2) Flexjobs – Although largely catering to US audiences, they do have a section dedicated to Australian jobs (as well as Canada and the UK)
3) CareerJet – Not quiet as many results as Seek but still has plenty of listings
4) Indeed – Another Australian job search site, search results here seem to be more on the arty side such as blogging, artist etc
5) Problogger job board – If you are a freelance writer here you can find many opportunities to work in the blogging field.

If you already have a job perhaps this article from Lifehacker Australia might come in handy. How Can I Convince My Boss To Let Me Work From Home?

These are just a few suggestions and no doubt there are many more places and opportunities. If you know of any particularly useful site please leave a comment.



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