Can I Make a Living Selling on eBay?

Can I make a living selling on eBay? It is hard to answer yes or no to this question. The most honest answer is maybe. Here are some things that successful eBay sellers suggest for anyone who wants to make selling online their main source of income.

Find a Reliable Source for Products

You cannot have a reliable source of income if all you can sell is unwanted household items. Eventually you will run out of things to sell. You need a reliable source of products to keep selling long-term. Possible sources of products include estate sales, auctions and wholesalers.

You can often find valuable antiques and vintage jewelry or clothing at estate sales. These items are ideal because they are small enough to be shipped relatively cheaply. Most communities have auction houses that you can go to and bid on items in person. Again, you probably want to bid on smaller items and collectibles. Those are some of the most popular items on eBay. You might also consider setting up an account with a wholesaler to resell new products.

Always Follow the eBay Rules and Guidelines

The eBay rules and guidelines are helpful in many ways. Most of the “don’ts” described by eBay are chosen because they are scams. For example, rules about selling items for other people, sight unseen. There are many people running that scam and getting away with it. The eBay seller ends up with nothing. Anytime you break an eBay rule or guideline and the company finds out about it, you will lose your ability to trade on eBay and your PayPal account will be frozen for a year. So, this is a situation where you really want to follow the rules.

Promote Your Products

Don’t rely on eBay’s reputation alone to get your products seen. Use your social networks and other available tools to promote your products. When you are promoting your products, include a link that will lead directly to your eBay pages, not the main page.

Consider Other Ecommerce Sites Too

There are other auction sites that you might consider using, in addition to eBay. As long as you have enough products to sell, you can sell on as many sites as you want. Eventually, you may want to consider doing your own ecommerce website, so that you won’t have to consider eBay fees when pricing your items.

Many people love the idea of making a full time income using eBay? Lots of people try. Some fail. But there are some success stories and you could be one too.

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